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May 27

   It seems I get out less and less and I want music more and more.  Not sure which comes first. The times I have gotten out have been great. I prefer blues so those shows have been my first choice.
   Some of my recent nights have been to see/hear Chrissie O'Dell  with the Blue Roots (Shandon Court), Gary Sellers Band (The Viking), Andy Aledort (The Viking), A Band Called Sam (Treme),Pam Betti Band, Brother Dave & The Brave, Blues  to Blackstreet, Jacks of Diamonds, Blue Tattoo (Bobbique's, CFK Fundraisser). It's been some really good times.
Chrissie O'Dell & The Blue Roots are as good as it gets sometimes. Chrissie's vocals and original tunes have few equals and the band has  so many good pieces it's great on many levels.
   Gary Sellers  starts off on a tear with a cool rhythm-blues guitar and gets into some of the coolest music including Sam Taylor.  His playing is really fun stuff as is his band.
   Of  course Andy Aledort is on another level and he blows me away every time with his blues rock guitar virtuosity  and his amazing band including Mike Dimeo on keys and vocals.  Awesome!
     Pamela Betti Band never fails to entertain and Pam's 110% vocal delivery and wild sense of humor make her one of the best entertainers around these parts.
    Being that I don't  get to post here very often  lately I wanted to mention some of the fun shows I've been to  recently.   There  are lots of good ones every week. I suggest you check the calendar and make  some time for great  entertainment.
 Thanks for stopping by and keep on keeping me posted.

March  31

Isn't Pandora a wonderful thing?
It breaks the code of finding music.It presents a desired mood on a platter with variety and discovery.
I've been enjoying a few folk channels with artists like Amos Lee, Sara Bareilles and Patty Griffin.
It isn't blues by anyone's categorization but frankly much of  it moves me as blues does.It's somber and mostly beautifully written and performed.
Many years ago as I was grieving the loss  of a loved one I happened on a cd by Patty Griffin;"Living With Ghosts". The irony in the name didn't escape me but it was more than irony.
The cd was  a  cathartic experience by the artist going through loss of her own.The music helped me find a heartbeat after my heart  had stopped.
That led me to blues in fact. I went back to the record store (remember them?) I found a blues compilation cd of Hendrix (Blues) and I read and followed up on Hendrix's influences where I discovered the mother load.
 Back when I could post a playlist  here. The rules for re-posting publicly created playlists have changed.  I compiled music that tapped  my blues vein...whether "blues" artists or not.  It's a personal experience.  Forget the tsk tsk tsk's when II mention my blues influences. I find it where I find it.
I look for it everywhere.I find it not only in folk but in jazz and country and rock of course.
If anyone  can help me with posting a playlist here I'm all ears.
Now get out there and find something moving and put a few bucks in an artists pocket and hank them.

January16, 2015

  I joined the LI Blues Society 3 or so years ago because I wanted to help promote blues on Long Island. As a genre blues doesn't have a great rep in the general public. I've mentioned it as a favorite music style in conversations with single female acquaintances and the mood chilled instantly on a few occasions.
  I have found the  music to be either outright uplifting or downright soul soothing.
  My experience with the folks in the  group has been good 
 but the goal of growing  blues interest is daunting.We are a small group, well intentioned and underfunded and we all  lead busy and challenging lives as do everyone these days.
   Feel  free to join or donate. Every blues fan is welcome.
   The best part of my  LI Blues Society experience has been knowing and enjoying the blues musicians here on Long Island.In the national blues culture Long Island doesn't have the best respect but coming from someone who craves the soulful and genuine core emotion of blues I find a good pool of talented and serious artists here.
   Last weekend the blues society hosted a fundraiser for the winners of this years IBC at Katies of Smithtown.  As well as this  years honorees (Sixteen Tons and Rob Europe) the performers included The Blue  Roots with Chrissie O'Dell   and The Johnny Mac Band.The array of  music covered gritty acoustic(Rob Europe), rockin blues (Johnny Mac Band), genuine jump blues (Blue Roots w/Chrissie O) and roadhouse blues (Sixteen Tons). It was a show I was proud to  be a part of and  just  a good time.
  For any of you who share my fondness for this feel free to take part either by joining the LI Blues  Society or just by  making an effort to support our local blues artists.
  Thanks for stopping by and remember to keep me posted.


As a fan of blues I try to make the most of my nights out  and take in some local blues  and sometimes jazz.. I like  rock and folk but these days my tastes are less mainstream.
I have found a few venues that host blues fairly regularly and more places that offer it less frequently but  always have some in the schedule..
Treme in Islip is a year old venue that offers an exclusively blues and jazz music calendar. They host quality acts from  Long Island mostly but with a mix of some NYC and other area acts.Good ones. The room is beautifully appointed in uptown New Orleans detail and offer a related menu of tasty appetizers and snacks.
Treme is a precious  resource for fans of blues  and jazz and I hope they continue to  do well and perhaps inspire other blues and jazz clubs.
There are other options of course for the local blues fan.
Giacomo Jacks in Amityville has a good number of blues acts in the line up.
Big Daddy's in Massapequa is another New Orleans theme'd venue that's also an excellent cajun restaurant.
Bobbique's in Patchogue is a Memphis style  BBQ restaurant and music venue that has been hosting mainly blues for years
Another restaurant  offering blues and southern cuisine is RS Jones in Merrick. They have music 4 or 5 nights  a week starting at 7.
Sunset Grill in Seaford,Suite 1828 in Merrick, Still  Partners in Sea Cliff, Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, The Grill Room in Hauppauge,Red River Inn in Yaphank,The Homestead in Oyster Bay,Blue Parrot in Massapequa and Candy's Magic Pub in Shirley are  some of the other places you  can look up  for blues on Long Island.
For those of you that love  blues and live music make it a point to patronize these and other live music venues.There's a lot going on locally and it only  happens if people attend and have a good time.
Thanks for stopping by and keep on keeping me posted.

May 22

I  Summer is just about here thank God.The beach huts are open for music as well as the tiki bars and Freeport is fully involved on the calendar again. It's a  good time for musicians and patrons as well.
    A fun evening might be dinner at a waterside restaurant with some music on the side. Let's say Blues to Backstreet with June Eysel and John Vop and then off to Treme in Islip for a set of Danny Kean or 45 RPM and Desert Highway at 89 North. There are similar opportunities in Nassau or the east end.
  I will try to keep up with it all but you can help by sending me events that I may have missed or sending me stuff that happens last minute and also by sending me a notice on facebook (billfoolery.com is on there).
    For all you weeknight warriors there are lots of great events including jams like the one every other Tuesday night at Greens in Manhasset with Mark Mancini, Ian Petillo, Arthur Neilson, Felix Cabrera and Mike Nugent.  There's the Wednesday night jam with Joe Vicino in Merrick and The Callajam on Thursday nights in E Meadow.
   There's lots more so check out the calendar every night and get out for some reality music.
   Thanks for checking in and have a beautiful summer!

March 26

   After a tough winter of bad weather and too much work I find myself living vicariously through my music calendar. Other than a few scattered nights out in the last few months my only contact with the world of friends and music has been e-mail correspondence and other forms of information gathering.
   That's had some entertainment value however. Even if I couldn't get to a show that I would have enjoyed I could still know that the artists that I like are performing and turning on other people and hopefully spreading the news of quality blues and live music here on Long Island.
   I noticed that a few of the national blues artists who performed recently at the Boulton Center for example did not get the reception I would have liked to see. That concerns me. Being someone who tries to promote this stuff and a member of the LI Blues Society I take that stuff personally. I see it's going to take some greater effort and that ain't gonna be easy for me, a man of limited time and means.  For those reading this who are in a position to help please consider having your organization or you and your friends join the blues society or sponsor the organization with ads or other methods. The money generated can be used to promote shows or even produce a few national acts or festivals with national and local talent.  We have some events in the pipeline but more resources are always helpful.
   By the way this Sunday, March 30, there will be a LI Blues Society event with the annual election of board members by members and a blues show at Painters in Bellport.  Come on down! The Blue Roots will be performing with some special guests and an open mic will follow. The Blue Roots will be hosting with some special guests.
   You can join the blues society on Sunday or any other day (LIBlues.org) or you can help by purchasing an ad here on Billfoolery.com. (cheap).  The bigger this site gets the more people will come out and discover the talent here on lawngisland.
   Keep sending your gig info and other requests to bill@billfoolery.com. And thanks for using my calender. The traffic grows every month little by little. I'd like to make it happen faster.
   Ya'll come back now, ok?


October 29

  I welcome autumn for many reasons; the cool weather, a busy work season and the baseball playoffs to name a few.
   Unfortunately the Mets and Yankees are not involved this year but that should make for a really interesting "hot stove" in the off season. The Mets promise to spend now that their payroll is pared down by the expiration of old,bad contracts and the Yankees have old and retiring players and they are coming off a bad season so look out for them too. I am enjoying the World Series but will enjoy it more of St. Louis can douse Boston with a little humility. No matter what else is going on I feel better during the baseball play-offs... kind of my "blues" among sports.
   There has also been a sort of blues season here on Long Island lately. The IBC crowned some new challengers for Memphis and we will be seeing some fun fundraisers hosted by the LI Blues Society. (Blue Ruin and Bruce McDonald are the LI representatives). Keep an eye out for those.
   I also attended Rich Rivkins "Northport After Dark" on Friday night where he hosts instrumentalists in blues and jazz in a cozy Italian restaurant. There were artists painting and sharing their work as excellent music, in this case by Mike Ernst and Jerry McDonald, was filling the room.
   The roster for upcoming Friday's is impressive so stop in some Friday in the coming months and enjoy a nice little restaurant and a stimulating and artistic setting.
   I have also been enjoying the music and atmosphere at the new blues and jazz club in Islip, Treme. It's an ambitious endeavor and it's going well with good music and nice crowds. This week is Gary Sellers for some blues, a special appearance by Ray Gomez for some quality jazz and Sunday it's big band jazz with New Millenium. Great stuff. Support this place too!
   Jazz doesn't get a lot of notoriety but we have some quality talent on a regular basis with Al Cardillo's frequent weeknight offerings, Ian Petillo's Legacy Band, Robert Lepley and of course Frank Bellucci and friends to name a few. They will always provide a night of quality music and atmosphere.
 Also check out University Cafe at Stonybrook Univ on Sunday's.
   Thanks for keeping me posted ya'll and please continue to do so (bill@billfoolery.com).
   Thanks for checking out the blog.

October 16


   For those of you who have been coming here for the past 6 or so years that I have been posting a calendar and other items you may realize I have not been posting as much these days.
   I started this site when I was still raising a child. I had a modest life with modest means.  I was able to work from a home shop and be there for my wonderful child who has grown nicely and is now away at college. It was a blessing to live that life but it became time for me to begin the next phase  which is upon me. I have had to move my home and my work situation hopefully so I can improve my standing for my future whatever that may be.
   I no longer have my routines and other forms of security and I have found myself in this state of transition and frankly, vulnerability.
   It has been sobering to see myself in the place I arrived at. My priority and sole focus was the challenge of raising my child. Now with a new focus everything is bathed in a new light and people and even music have a new resonance. I'm responsive to different things, different sounds and different attitudes.
   I have much work to do and unsettled routines so I cannot recreate as often as I used to. I have become more attentive to jazz and I need blues more and these are not easy to find. The less I go out the less I post here in this column.
   This is not orthodox journalism obviously. It is a blog (web log). It's something I started in order to create a discussion of local music and the lifestyle of a long islander who lives among it.
  I have developed some friendships among the artists and I attend their shows more than others. in order not to "publicize" them over others I choose not to write about the same people over and over...another reason why I write less.
   I am hesitant to highlight too many upcoming shows in order to keep the distribution of attention to the weekly shows equal. It may seem foolish but I too have my madness and methods. After spending the years wishing I could be a journalist I realize I prefer to be a journal writer.
   I am a fan of adult performers, the more expressive the better, the more cerebral the better, the more sedate the better. I am not as ardent about covering metal or hard rock because I have limited time for this endeavor and because I have no history with it. I am sorry if I offend those that ask me to cover it more on my calendar. I appreciate what you do and hopefully someone can develop a calendar for that and other forms that I neglect. I do what I can.
   I hope you find the calendar and other information here useful and please feel free to send me your gig info again and again if I seem to have missed it. I write the calendar on Monday nights and after that I add and delete stuff when I have time.
   You can comment on the guestbook page or e-mail me at bill@billfoolery.com.
  Thanks for being here.

September 13

   I realize it's been over a month since my last post but I have been moving and it seems like forever since I have had a "normal" life. I took for granted the opportunities to go out at least once a week for music and to see the friendly faces in the LI music scene.  I post the calendar every week and see lots of shows I'd like to attend so it tortures me that I have had limited time.  I occasionally see and hear from many of the artists I used to frequent and they think I don't like them anymore. Fact is I miss them and would love to attend shows regularly but it's been more a case of going out when someone drags me out or I find a last minute slot of time and I run to whatever show is closest.
    With that I have a had a few good nights and days. There really is a lot of talent and I'm glad when I do get out and sit and listen forgetting the daily issues that have been stressing my mind.
    If you haven't already you must check out one of Rich Rivkin's Live Art Fusion events.   Rich has been an organizer (and percussionist) of local music for many years and he has put together a great concept of fusing talented live artists who paint their impressions at easels during the music events. The weeknight events are usually jazz fusion with Fusion Collective or Mike Ernst Band. The cast is always good with players like Mike Ernst on guitar or Chris (Chrispy chicken) Laybourne on sax or Sly Geralds or many others. The weekend events have been thematic with a blues show at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport recently or a Grateful Dead show at the same venue. He has other themes and venues and they are run well and use beautiful settings and venues. Check my calendar for upcoming events and look for Rich Rivkin or Live Art Fusion on facebook or on the web.
    Last weekend, Sept 8 was the IBC International Blues Challenge run by the LI Blues Society.  The bands who took part were all good and thank God I didn't have to judge that one. The winners were (band) Blue Ruin with Scott Ross, Frank Anstiss and Al Levi; and (solo/duo) Bruce McDonald.
   The competition included Sandra Taylor with F&G, Dog House Blues with John Hensler, Jack Licitra's Jacks Waterfall, Deja Blues and Kevin Burke.  The Viking in Islip was a great host venue and the place was uber packed. It's nice to see the growing numbers of the LIBS and the events participants.
   One other shout-out to the new club; Treme Blues and Jazz Bar, 553 Main St, Islip. I was there for the weekend Grand Opening with artists Brother Dave & The Brave. The place was beautifully done with a big crowd and a congenial host, Eric Bruno. It's a warm space with a classy vibe and stylish contemporary decor. They have a great line-up of blues and jazz acts on the bill so check it out and support this unique and ambitious music venue.
   As long as I keep feeling the warmth of blues (and live) music I will continue to promote the artists and the organizations who provide it. I hope you will do the same by joining or keeping up with the LI Blues Society and by attending live music and open-mics and the venues that host them.
Thanks for stopping by.

 August 1

   As a blues enthusiast I recently became involved with the LI Blues Society.  We have a new cast of board members and we welcome all who enjoy blues music to get involved and help spread the music.
   Personally I have used this website to promote all over 30 live music and since blues and other non mainstream genre's are not as popular I chose to cover most styles of music with my calendar. A good artist can make anything meaningful.
   This Saturday, August 3 is the first International Blues Day., Take this opportunity to take in some blues like Tommy Keys, Sweet Suzi and Schroeders Ghost who are all playing on Saturday.
   For you blues artists we also have the IBC (International Blues Challenge) taking place on September 8. The winners in the local event are sent off to Memphis to perform with candidates from all over the world in January. We already have some great entries and anticipate a great event. It's a fun day here (The Viking in Islip) and a huge event in Memphis. Stay tuned for the events on the calendar in the coming months.
   Blues needs to be heard by more people.  It's not just a bunch of old men playing sad songs. It's a genre with wisdom, soul, flavor and clarity and it provides great company in good times and bad.
     Also this weekend there are some landmark events. The Sunday night jam at Brickhouse Brewery in Patchogue is coming to an end. This will be the last week. Host Jim Kolman and friends built a popular jam with some great players. The Sunday night jam will be missed. Speaking of Jim Kolman there is also a show at Bobbique's on Friday night celebrating Jim's birthday with many of the Sunday night players and other Josey Wales members. As well as an accomplished guitar player Jim is also a board member of the LIBS and has been a pivotal artist in the local scene for many years. Check out a fun night at Bobbique's.
    Thanks for being here and thanks to those who help keep me posted.
July 10
  I haven't been to the Blue Parrot in Massapequa in a while and I was pleasantly surprised last week when I stopped in to hear Toby Tobias Ensemble and Schroeders Ghost on the same bill.
  Blue Parrot has been adding some more eclectic sounds to their calendar and these two were great, Kudos to the Parrot. They have been hosting live music for a good number of years now and expanding their offerings. This week they have Bodhi Infusion... another fun band.
   I caught Schreders Ghost a few times recently but it's always fun hearing Pam Dixon and the boys do their blues/rock and other cool stuff. They have great energy and  Pam gives it crazy heart and joyful soul.
   This was the first time I have heard Toby Tobias Ensemble and I enjoyed them as well.
  Toby on guitar and vocals was joined by Cyndi HAzell on vocals and sitting in were some members of Schroeders Ghost; Tom Steiger on drums and Joe Sanfilippo on guitar. They did some different stuff including Van Morrison (Cyndi Hazell did a nice job on that one. " Into the Mystic", I think) and some originals in a style they describe as David Gray. The regular cast of Toby Tobias Ensemble includes Mike Nugent and Mario Staino. That's another great band.
   There are lots of hot jams going on these days but I can't seem to get weeknights like I used to. Work is either more demanding or I am getting worse at handling it.
   Tuesday nights in Manhasset you can join or hear a great cast at Greens Tavern including Mark Mancini, Ian Petillo, Felix Cabrera and Mike Nugent.
   Wednesdays now offer Bobby Nathan, Clutch Reilly and friends out at Ladakins in Moriches. That's a summer jam so check it out sooner rather than later. I will get there but not tonight obviously.
   There's a lot to see and hear. Get your bad asses out there and take it in.
   Thanks for stopping by and be careful out there.

June 5
   It's a welcome time of year when the nice weather arrives and the music calendar swells with outdoor events and festivals.
   Barrier Beach Blues Festival is a great time in Long Beach. That and the LB Jazz Festival are among my favorite events every year.
   The eclectic array of acts, the cozy venues and the busy Long Beach streets have made pleasant memories and memorable music moments.
   The Long Beach Library is a good size room with an intimate feel. Most of the events take place there and afterwards there are shows at Lola's and other places on the LB strip. Long Beach can use our patronage this year as well coming so far already in recovery from hurricane Sandy but still more to do.
    Check the schedule for those events and enjoy.
   I am always hopeful of upgrading my site with a playlist again and band profiles and more posts but the gods of my life have not fully cooperated with that. I have added google ads on this page and the calendar page. They help a little with the cost of running the site and they can help more if you click on the ads on occasion. I get paid for the traffic they generate. They are not spam. They are supposedly relevant spots for the market I attract. Thanks for checking them out.
   I also want to explain that I have not gotten out as much of late. I hear on occasion that some of you are disappointed that I have not gotten to your shows. I want to hear all of them but with limited time I have to work in the wishes of whomever I am with that weekend and also my fondness for blues and lately jazz as well.
   Thanks for sending me gig information. You can also post it on my facebook pages. I have a Billfoolery page which is a good way to get me information as well as another place to post your gig.
   Thanks for checking in and lets keep live music alive.

May 2

   After hearing Kerry Kearney last weekend at Sunset Grill I came away wondering why more Long Islanders don't flock to his shows. The crowd at the Seaford establishment happened to be good but Kerry Kearney  should be a household name with his talent and experience packing houses at every little place he plays.
   With a cast including Mario Staino (drums), David Bennett Cohen (keys) and Gerry Sorrentino (bass) with some flavor added by Tim Jordan (steel drum), Charlie Wolfe (harp), Elisa (djembe) and Ann Sullivan (tamborine) the show was blues at it's best. A first set of slide numbers was followed by a mix with some signature originals. Kerry's guitar moves from beautiful laid back Mississippi numbers with a rich band harmony to butt kicking blues/rock riffs and it all goes down like good whiskey. David Bennett Cohen on keys also had some inspiring moments and Staino on drums shines because he injects style when he has his moments but doesn't ever over hit. It's all so good!
   Kerry has been described as one of the best guitar players in the world and his slide playing is unquestionably near the top of of them all. He has shared the stage with the likes of Allman Brothers and BB King and played everywhere from Memphis to Westbury Music Fair. He generously gives his time to uncountable LI events and causes and he plays regularly in places near you.  Go hear Kerry Kearney Band and you'll love his latest cd, Ghosts of the Psychedelta.
   As for the coming weekend there are lots of great events not the least of which is the "Banding Together" Benefit taking place at various venues and each one has a cast of excellent performers supporting a worthy cause. (kids).
   Get your bad selves out there for some live music, people and thanks for stopping by.

April 17

    A non committal spring has been losing the battle to a stubborn winter and that's an apt metaphor for the stages that have been defining life for me lately. While there are some signs of optimism in the economy it has been a different world in recent years and this life as self-employed is hard to hold onto. I am perpetually optimistic by nature but even that deep well feels finite sometimes. 
   Something drives me. It's "the force" I believe but it's also a wonderful daughter, a basic family structure,  some good friends and music.  I plug in my iPod at night and am taken away by some sublime artists like Miles and Ronnie Earl and Jimi and sometimes even some old  cd's by Patty Griffin and Jackson Browne and Van Morrison. That stuff saves me.
    I also have the pleasure of live music and that brings me back to talking about some recent experiences.
   Last weekend I caught a whole show of Bodhi Infusion at The West Palm Saloon in E Northport. I love hearing new stuff and new artists and this was a fresh experience.
   Aleshia Sohn (lead vocals) heads a real good cast with Ron Rahilly (guitar), Frank Bisceglia (bass) Gary Q (keys) and George Vahamonde (drums).
   The set list is eclectic and definietly bluesy. (Ana Popovic, Tommy Castro, Grace Potter). Aleshia Sohn extends a good set of pipes with heart and you can see she and the band have put in the work. Rahilly's guitar can carry some of the tunes alone and so can the keys. The rhythm is all good and the collaboration is solid and entertaining!
   West Palm Saloon on Larkfield Rd. is a good size room as far as local blues bars go with an ample size stage area. They have a nice staff and it was a nice atmosphere with the right demographics of over 30 types. As new venues book more music and gain attention the crowds will grow especially if they book (and pay) quality stuff like Bodhi Infusion.
    The coming week has a full slate with some great  multi-band events. Check out some live music and thanks for keeping me posted those who do.

April  7

   While my motivation for this website was and is blues I have covered most
 live music for the over-30 crowd since inception and I enjoy having a variety. It garners a bigger audience and it offers a variety of people and flavors for my entertainment.    To be honest I have a hard time keeping up with metal/rock more than most because I know the least about it and I have no volunteers sending me relevant gig information. For folk, jazz, rock and blues I am fortunate to have people sending me fairly regular e-mails with events and updates. I do my homework every Monday night but I do appreciate the help from those helping me in the "other" genre's. 
   Forgive me for not providing elaborate detail of events. Not only does that take a lot of time to post but I don't get all the information I would like and looking for it is time prohibitive. I am not getting paid for this and I have a full time job trying to pay my rent with cabinetry and woodwork.
   Feel free to send me gig information (bill@billfoolery.com) and corrections but please understand if I occasionally overlook the e-mail or mis-state something. 
   I am in the process of adding some advertising to the site in order to do more with it. If you have a company, venue or event that you would like to advertise I am open to posting links or posters. I am saving the relevant space for paying spots.  If I can generate some more income from the site I can advertise it more and get more people here to see the calendar and, hence, attend the events. Feel free to inquire.
   As for music "reviews" I have not been out much lately. I caught Scott Ross, Al Levi, Bill Wagner and friends one night recently with Chrissie O'Dell doing some vocals. That was a fun impromptu event but I have not had time for much else. I will be getting out this week for sure.
   Check out the calendar and take in some live music!

 March 12

   It's rare that I get to travel these days but in the last month I spent a few weeks on the left coast doing some work and trying to fit in some R&R in LA and in Las Vegas.
   I spent a good chunk of time out there in the 90's and there are lots of things I missed like the weather and the sense of freedom I felt when I first moved there and maintained after enjoying some prosperity and other cathartic life events.
   On my recent trip I made some time for some music and was lucky enough to catch Robben Ford who happens to be playing this week, here at The Boulton Center, Bay Shore. For a blues fan Robben Ford is a cool show with some different writing and excellent guitar and instrumental accompaniment. I would call his blues style sort of folksy with more musical, vocal and lyrical complexity. Entertaining on many levels. 
  I also checked out a place called the Baked Potato where some of the best in LA go to jam and play (jazz and blues). I happened to catch Dean Brown Band who come from Long Bch, LI and who highlight the Long Bch Jazz Festival every summer. Great show and excellent players!
   On the local front I have had a few chances to hear some music recently. I caught the Wall Street Jumpers with John Judd, Durand Daniels and Ponytail Mike at Big Daddy's, Massapequa. 
   I've also attended a few jams but it's not as easy getting out these days. There's a good new jam on Tuesday nights in Port Washington with Mark Mancini, Felix Cabrera, Mike Nugent and Ian Petillo. That's a good one but Tuesday nights in PW hasn't happened yet. I have caught the Thursday night at Callahans and thats been good.
   Speaking of which, Curt Arnel with his band Off the Record (Rob Jack, Glen Goldman and Steve Leighton) recently won a battle of the bands sponsored by Gotham Networking Group in Queens, The boys won a gig at Cafe Wha and some cash. Nice job fellas!
   There's some good stuff this weekend as always. King Cobras are rockin on Friday night and for Saturday a few good options are Schroeders Ghost is in Franklin Square and Lex Grey at Carmody's.. 
   Check out those or something else in the field of quality live music. It's all over the place.
   Thanks for checking in and keep on keeping me posted.

Jan 23
   Since I haven't had a lot of time to post here I have quite a few nights out to tell you about. I do this exercise as a way to generate interest in the live music scene. It's something I've become fond of as a means of social networking (live) and artistic enjoyment. In times of economic challenges there is a lot to be enjoyed locally that is every bit as good as what you can buy commercially and a lot easier to access.
   I got out on a Thursday night since my last post and after a stop at Wickers for Al Cardillo and friends for some fun jazz I got called to join some friends at Callahans for the Curt Arnel jam. The turnout that night at Callahans in E Meadow was good as usual but I caught a particularly good set with a cast that included Dave Patrick on bass, Sweet Suzi on vocals of course, John Judd and Steve Farella on guitars. I'm pretty sure it was Curt A on drums and Fred P on keys.That's a great cast for some blues and they blew the roof off with a couple of numbers.  That jam has been getting consistently good casts of players and people.
    Speaking of which I also caught a Joe Vicino jam at Sunset Grill last week and that's another quality jam. Mr.'s Judd and Farella happened to be at that one as well (a week later) and with Joe V its an incredible guitar event. There's always a nice group of players and people and the wings at Sunset Grill are exceptional!
    When I can't get to Seaford I stop in at Horace & Sylvia's in Babylon for the Wednesday night jazz jam with Open Mind which includes Dave Pellegrino and Andy Ahr with a great cast! That's a nice room with lounge chairs and a fireplace and a great menu. The jazz is top notch!
    Last weekend (1/18 and 19) I got lucky and attended a few excellent events.
   JT Swan plays the Grill Room on many a Saturday night and last week he was joined by Gail Storm for a really nice night of jazz, blues and some standards. Joseph Swan is a seasoned guitar guy specializing in many genre's not the least of which is jazz. Gail Storm spices that up with dynamic vocals and piano playing.
   This week I was invited to sit in for Long Island Blues Warehouse taping at EKO studios. Mark Klein puts together an entertaining showcase and interview program every week (airs Sunday night. LIBlues.com  8pm). You can also check out his vast archive of programs on the website. This week the guests were Bodhi Infusion, a new collaboration with Aleshia Sohn, Ron Rahilly, Frank Bisceglia, George Vahamonde and Gary Q doing contemporary "power" blues . I enjoyed the show and some eclectic music and fun personalities.  You can also hear Bodhi Infusion at Black & Blue Seafood Chophouse in Huntington this Thursday night.
   The coming weekend has some great stuff including Kerry Kearney's Gathering of the Slides, an annual concert with Kerry (as good as it gets on slide guitar) and always a great cast. Check out the calendar.
   Ms. Franny Mae is making a comeback and reunion appearance with Joseph (Felicetta) at Bobbiques and frankly there's so much more. Citizen Cope is in town and Sunday night features Jazzaphonic with Frank Bellucci and a great cast performing some of that cool jazz like Miles used to do.
   That's enough for now. Thanks for checking in and keep on doing the
live thing!
 Jan 8    
   Happy New Year music fans!  
   I for one am optimistic about 2013 as last year was a rough one. It can only get better and it will!
   Musically I still search for blues and jazz gigs.  These are not the most popular genre's.  My best guess is that people are distracted by television and ideals of wealth and material success while the act of sitting and listening to live musicians must seem too idle or lacking some greater benefit.  Perhaps a reason it is called blues is because it requires being in the moment... a scary thing for many! They may find that life is about today and the journey rather than the goal and it could be sobering but that's not so bad sometimes.  It lowers the rpm... for me.
    I am also optimistic about some of the local talent of late.  I mentioned here fairly recently a band called The Last Internationale. They are a "blues/boots"/rock trio with all kinds of talent and a year of touring europe behind them now. I saw them at 89 North recently and they had some great moments. Edgey on guitar was just screaming monster riffs down on one knee while Delila was backing that up with dreamy vocals and "the Elephant" was a sublime presence on drums.  The crowd that remained after a cool Popa Chubby show (with Frank Latorre) seemed as enthralled as I was. I look forward to lots more of those young bluesicians and more shows at 89 North... a venue developing a following for it's many excellent qualities.
   There's been more recently. I  happened on The Singing Websters at Ziggy's in Massapequa. The Websters are a rock-a-billy band who have been around since the days of My Fathers Place and they put on a great show. The cast which includes Joe Kmiotek, Steve Garcia, Bob Boto and Andrew Harris were joined by guests Big Daddy Deluxe, Johnny Cola and BA Fagerland.  Good time there!
   I haven't had a lot of other weekend opportunities but I have visited a Sunday night jam or two at Brickhouse Brewery in Patchogue.  Jim Kolmans jam gets a good cast of players and a nice crowd for a fun Sunday night. The cast often includes guest Bobby Rondinelli on drums and other talented locals like Tru Doty, Jay Sharkey and young guitar gun Jesse Berlin with Justin Time (no kiddin). That Berlin kid can play! The whole jam can get it goin!
   So here we go.  2013!  Strap on your sturdiest shoes and make it a good year. It's gonna take effort but it will be done.
   Thanks for stopping by and keep me posted (bill@billfoolery.com).

Dec 11
   It's hard to talk about live music when I can't get out for much of it. I'll try not to bitch about missing the Benefit for Hurricane Sandy relief at 89 North with Roger Earl and all kinds of cool rockers or the show at Sunset Grill with The Electrix and Andy Aledort. 
   Even for a guy who prefers blues there have been lots of good shows lately and more coming up in the coming weeks.  I will get out when I can, post something when I can and probably keep on bitching when I can't.
   Due to limited resources and opportunity I have been keeping it local. I try to get out on Wednesday nights but that's been affected as well. I like the Joe Vicino jam when I can but with late evenings of work and chores I have ended up stopping for a tune or two at Horace & Sylvia's in Babylon. The jazz jam now features bass player Dave Pellegrino with Andy Ahr and a good cast of young jazz guys.
   I have had a few occasions for Thursday night escapes and there are some good ones. Al Cardillo has a fun group jamming at Wickers in Hicksville. He gets a good group of players including Frank Bellucci and Dominick Dunne not to mention a bevy of singers.
   Of course there is also the Curt Arnel jam at Callahans in E Meadow which is a great time and gets some good blues characters (as well as a big rock crowd). Brother Dave was there last week as was Jeannie B (vox with SmokinGun) and the Blue Matter guys, Ray and Artie.
   Speaking of blues, which I try to do as often as possible, I caught Schroeders Ghost at The Viking recently.  Pam Dixon and the boys perform an eclectic array including blues, rock, a little ska and they do it with flair. Pam Dixon is a charismatic performer with a great voice and dynamic delivery... an excellent lead with a multi-faceted group. And The Viking is a favorite place with a nice staff, plenty of seating and some tasty wings!
   Thanks for the blog support I have been hearing from a few folks. I don't have a lot of the features I used to have here like the playlist but I am working on getting that back and more. I have had a tough year but I'm glad to still have the calendar going and glad to have the music around. It's a valuable source of ... a lot of things. Keep live music alive!

Nov 14
   It's been a month of many things other than music. Hurricane Sandy devastated our area and so many people's lives. We thought we couldn't see that kind of destruction to our modern society with the weather warning systems and modern construction and generations of underwhelming storms with lesser contributing factors. Yet it happened and we realize we are vulnerable and dependent on our conveniences and even on each other. There must be a few lessons in there and at least a new appreciation for the love of neighbor (at least most neighbors !)
   Keep an eye out for the many benefit events coming up and attend if you can of course. Our friends in Long Beach and surrounding areas were hit hard and they will need our help as well as shore areas all the way out to suffolk; Mastic and other areas.
    Many in the reach of Billfoolery are musicians who are living lean lives to start with and this is overwhelming. Let's do what we can.
   Before and since the weeks of hardship I was able to get out for some much needed music and companionship.
   The talented alternative blues and rock band, Last Internationale, made a few appearances after returning from a hugely successful European tour. I caught Delilah and company at The Pool House in Bellmore. The young, attractive and talented group pulls off some gritty old blues tunes with a retro vocal sound (Delilah)  as well as rock and alternative numbers from any decade you choose... as well as some originals. They give blues a kick into the future and I look forward to their upcoming cd and their future beyond that.
   On the day before  Sandy arrived I enjoyed a day with LI Blues Society and the fundraiser for the winners of the IBC, Frune and Frank Latorre. 
   Frune is an eclectic New Orleans sounding collaboration with Tommy Keys, Frank Celenza and a cast with trumpet, guitar and percussion. They make a fun full sound and add a welcome dose of flavor to the local mix.
   Frank Latorre always brings genuine stuff as well with his renowned harmonica and guitar chops. The event was also blessed with an appearance by Chrissie O'Dell and One Hot Mess, some members of which came down from upstate just to take part and were blown home with the help of Sandy just in time.  
   Maples in Manorville was a cozy setting for that event and the shroud of the pending storm created a unique ambiance for the late afternoon event. Sometimes it's the unforseen elements that contribute the most distinctiive impressions.
   I was also glad to find a new jam in Bay Shore (my home town) with Steve Interrante and friends (Nutty Irishman, Tuesdays 8:30).
   I checked it out last night and was thrilled to see such a great hosting cast that included Mr. Steve on sax, Carl Roa and guitar, Tru Doty on keys, Jay Sharkey on drums and some great players joining them. Diane McArdle sparkled the place with some gorgeous numbers as did a cast of others. That's a great room, excellent sound, awesome wings and a nice host and atmosphere. 
   Thanks for coming back here after a few weeks of no internet. I try to do more with this but times are tough. I will keep the calendar going even when I don't have time for anything else but I will get back to regular posting and an active playlist as time and resources allow.

   Thurs. Oct 4
    I have been lucky enough lately to take in some excellent local live music. There is a lot to see from rock to blues to jazz and some great folk and country. I am often drawn to attend shows with friends so I am prone to see some bands more frequently but when I am exploring alone I try to visit new music and places and some that I have not seen in a while.
   I attended the "Almost Last Waltz" which was a tribute to Jerry Schaefer of Graveyard Blues on WRCN radio. The radio station had threatened to cut the show from their schedule and the entire Long Island blues community responded in a matter of hours to show support for Jerry and the work he does supporting the blues.
   The line-up at 89 North in Patchogue included Todd Wolfe, Kerry Kearney, Toby Walker, Joe Vicino, Pam Betti, SmokinGun Band, Phil Varca, Frank Latorre, Memphis Crawl, Curdoroy Sky... and more.
    Catching any one of those is a great show. To spend a day at a great venue and see/hear all of them was a rare treat.
   Jerry, who I recently had the pleasure to meet, is one of the nicest guys and best supporter of blues  you will find. It was a great cause (including the fact that it was a benefit for Make-A-Wish Foundation) and a really fun day.
   I have actually had a good number of nights out, albeit short visits so I have a lot to mention. When I get a weekend night I try to catch a few shows.
   In case you haven't noticed Patchogue is becoming a beehive of entertainment on weekend nights. Brickhouse Brewery always has a good crowd, Bobbique's hosts some of the best blues acts on Long Island, 89 North is one of the best music rooms you will ever find and The Emporium has had lines of young music fans circling the block and all of the the venues are practically in screaming distance.
   I caught a set of Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers at Bobbique's recently and in a packed room caught glimpses of Lex and Co. tearing down the house. Lex Grey has been wowing blues fans from upstate NY to Washington DC for longer than I have been back in the area and she still delivers that rock-n-roll rebel, blues-vixen performance that captivates me every time.
   After a set of all that I had time to meet some friends at Madisons Martini Bar in Northport for Pam Betti Band.  Pam Betti is a force of mother nature who doesn't know how to have  a bad time. With John Haseth on lead guitar I enjoyed  a set of blues and rock, guitar and vocals.
   As the weekend approaches take a look at the calender and get your hard working asses out for some live music. There's some great stuff on the calendar.
   Cloud William is someone you have to hear. SmokinGun at Callahans is a fun night. SNAP is a good time and gets people dancing. Dog House Blues Band puts on a good show, Sweet Suzi is on the calendar. There's a folk festival at Heckscher Park in Huntington with some great acts... just a few suggestions.
   Thanks for stopping bye.

   My favorite time of year approaches. The sweltering weather seems to be behind us. Busier business season approaches (hopefully) and there are some excellent festivals on tap.
   This weekend (Sept 21 and 22) there is the Long Beach Jazz Festival and the Cedar Beach Blues Festival.
   Last year one of my favorite shows was the Dean Brown Band at Long Beach. Dean Brown (contemporary jazz guitar) with the likes of Schuyler Deale, Gerry Etkins and Marvin Smith to name a few are a "global fusion" contemporary jazz, funk, samba and Latin influenced band and they put on an amazing show. They will be back this year along with a full roster and a great variety of jazz artists. Check out the link and the schedule on the Calendar page.
   The Cedar Beach Blues Festival in Mt. Sinai offers a full roster of some of the best blues and other artists from Long Island. It's a popular event in a nice setting and I am going to try and get to both. It's too bad they are on the same weekend. That link and schedule are also here on the Calendar page.
    In the past few weeks I only had a few occasions to get out locally.
   I finally got a Thursday night so I visited Curt Arnel's jam at Callahans in E Meadow. Curt runs a great jam with a nice mix of players and a great atmosphere. I was treated to some great blues (thanks Glen), some crooning by Mr Tim Smith and a bevy of guitar slingers. Good ones.
   For the suffolk crowd there is a new jam starting this Thursday night. The Blue Matter boys are kicking off a new jam at The High Note in Amity. Blue Matter with Ray Wade, Arty Panico and joined by Poppa G on bass bring a friendly crowd of blues and rock players and with Poppa G (Glen Palermo) it could fuse into some jazz and funk. Check that one out as well.
   Since Babylon is so close to me I caught a quick tune or two last week at Andy Ahr's jazz jam at Horace and Sylvia's (Wed nights). It's an excellent young jazz group and a nice crowd. Nice room too!
   I spent last Sunday at the LI Blues Society's IBC (blues competition). It was a full day with some great stuff by Motu, Frank Latorre, Jim Kolman's Josey Wales Band, Bob Petrocelli Band, Brother Dave and the Brave and Frune with Frank Celenza with Tommy Keys and a huge cast.
   The winners were Frank Latorre (solo) and Frune (band). They will be performing in Memphis in a few months so get out and support them at the various fundraisers that will be taking place.
   Keep getting out there and supporting live music and the blues! Check out Jerry Schaefers , Graveyard Blues on WRCN (see schedule) and Mark Klein's Blues Warehouse to hear up close and personal pieces with local and national artists.
  Thanks for checking in.


    I wish I could say it was a good summer. The weather wasn't bad. I did a little traveling. But it was one of the hardest times I have had in many years.  A slow economy  and business cycle came during a summer when I had numerous losses befall me and my family.  I also had to try and stay up for my daughter who began college last month and that was demanding. There were some tough/dark moments and consequently I was not able to get out much or even manage a social life. It was a real test of patience.
   I got through it, miraculously, and my daughter is safe and studying hard in North Carolina and my life now has an entirely new outlook. I must now change gears from single father with more than half a mind spent on my child and home to a single man with at least a third of my life ahead of me and a clear road to... wherever!
   During that time I also had to change web hosts and I had to start almost from scratch in bringing back this site. I had realized a severe spike in traffic (bandwidth usage) a few months ago and I was served with a massive bill for sudden expansion of usage. It turns out the excess usage was the product of hacking of my music files from asia among other places and my protests fell on deaf ears, so... I had to say good-bye to Earthlink. Good riddance to them! I also found that there are no more places to build and post a music playlist like the one I had...even if I use my own (local) music. I will be searching for ways to bring that back.
   I also decided to try and commercialize the site so I can pay for some high profile advertising and, hence, offer more traffic and exposure for the calendar and music scene here on Long Island. The local music scene seems to be depressed as venues are having trouble paying bands and people are not finding a lot of choices.
   I am offering ad spots for any interests that would benefit from this demographic. I will hit the road (or internet highway) and seek out some more sponsors. I am also planning a concert (blues of course) to raise money for advertising.
   The monthly expense of hosting a site is not great but the expense of advertising and growing it is considerable. The benefits would be great. I look forward to having the kind of traffic that will ensure an increase in interest in the local music scene.
   In the few weeks since I have been more free to get out I took in some good local music. I caught a few jams like Joe Vicino's Wednesday night at Sunset Grill. Joe always delivers quality music and blues and his band and guests were a good mix. I enjoyed Rob Jack and Rich Lanahan to name a few.
  I also enjoyed a night at Jim Kolman's Sunday jam at Brickhouse Brewery in Patchogue. That has been a busy night with an eclectic roster of players including Kenny Forgione! It was a treat to see Mr. Ken doing his acoustic rock thing for an appreciative suffolk audience.
   I had some time on Saturday night to catch some jazz at Tap & Barrell in Smithtown. Skip Scott Trio featured Skip on drums, Dominick Duval on bass and Tim Salerno on guitar. The trio are skilled veterans performing smooth jazz. It was a nice low key show which lends itself to a more sociable evening without having to scream over an over-amped band. The Tap & Barrell is a nice size room for a three or four piece in an intimate setting. There are no obstructions to seeing the band and it's in a good location at the corner of Rte 111 and 347.
   One other show I slipped in last week was Scott Ross and Blue Ruin at Giacomo Jacks. Scott performs blues and jazz with ease and I have to say it was a pleasure hearing blues guitar without the excessive volume and without the same five tunes I hear so often. Blue Ruin offers a more sophisticated product and for the right venue and crowd it's a great show.
   I look forward to getting out more and checking out the venues and bands I haven't seen yet. There are some good shows coming up. Check something out and bring a friend.
   And thanks for checking in.

   It's been a full month of trials and tribulations with my website and with life but  BiLLfOoLeRy goes on and apparently so do I.
   With the challenges I managed only a few nights of music but they were good ones.
   I have had only one Wednesday night recently and a few friends were joining John Judd at the High Note in Amity for his new jam so I headed there. It was only the second night but the attendance wasn't bad. John was joined by Charlie Craig and a few unfamiliar but excellent drummers. Some guests included Sterling Sax, Johnny Cola and John Aggeson not to mention a few good local singers. Judd was crazy good on guitar as is usually the case. Sterling Sax lit up the stage and Johnny Cola and John Aggeson (half of Atomic Red Hots) also put a jolt in the crowd.
   With Joe Vicino in Seaford on Wednesday nights I will have to try and share my time with those and a few others like Don Celenza. It seems Wednesday nights are smokin guitar nights.
   Saturday, August 4th I caught a new hot band at the Blue Parrot in Massapequa; Rickity.  The cast of the rock band is Teddy Rondinelli, Randy Pratt, Perrita Kitson and Paul Gifford. They were all pretty amazing. I'm more of a blues guy but I know Perrita's chops and I've heard Teddy Rondinelli at Katies in Smithtown on a few Tuesday nights. When I heard they were teaming up with a great cast I was curious. It was at least half originals and a few covers but between Perrita's soulful vocals and TR's passionate guitar the power was formidable. It was a riveting show. I'm sure you will be hearing more good things about them.
   I've been posting and hearing a lot (lot lot) from 89 North, the cool new venue in Patchogue. They have a good, full roster of live music every week and it just adds to the attraction of Patchogue which already has a handful of excellent live music venues (Bobbique's, Brickhouse and numerous summer locales). Last weekend (8/11) I headed to 89 North for Big Brother and the Holding Co with a guest appearance by Kerry Kearney.
   BB&HC features Sam Andrew (guitar and vocals),Ben Nieves (guitar), Peter Albin  (bass), David Getz (drums) and lead vocals by Lynn Asher who gives the Janis Joplin role a nice shiny edge. With a difficult job of covering the over-covered she delivered the sincerity of original performance in iconic roles with a nice biting tone. They even breathed life into Bobby McGee!
   Another equally entertaining aspect of the show was the set with Kerry Kearney. KK started on the side adding some blues flavor but when he broke into some slide and deeper blues riffs he was pulled to the center of the stage and with an encouraging cast proceeded to turn Big Brother & The Holding Co into an ass kickin blues band. Kerry was inspiring!  I know and love his laid back and original guitar story-telling style but hearing him kick into high gear was an adrenaline rush. 
   I feel blessed to had had such good experiences in the few times I've had to get out recently. I expect to get out more soon though so please keep on keeping me posted and thanks for stopping by.
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