After about a month of being down  BiLLfOoLeRy is back up.  This site is a labor of love. I love live music and I started this so I  could stay in touch with the local artists and performances and  so others could as well. I  also figured  it would help the local industry survive in a small way hence making more music  available.

  I  have little time to do more  than  a calendar lately but I would like to be able to generate more money so I can do more with the site and so it doesn't crash again. I make  a little from the google ads (please click them whenever possible) but it just covers the domain costs.

  In the last month while  the  site was down I  ran into some really nice people who offered to pay a fee if necessary for the site. I am adding a PayPal link here so anyone who wishes to do so can throw  in a few bucks. I'm  working on offering some t-shirts so I can sell them for some income. Thank you to those who offered and to one wonderful gal (a member  and volunteer for the LI Blues Society) who donated some money. Thank  you for stopping by my site and thanks for supporting live music.

 It will take some time to rebuild the pages and links but it's coming. Please feel free to send me your gig and jam information. I will also be selling  ad spots.