I hate to  have to tell you  this but I will be moving  west in a few months and I will be ending my  time as your live music calendar blogger.

I moved back to  NY in 1997 and started Billfoolery a few years later. As a single parent I needed to  find a social life after 8 years on the west coast. I  saw a need  for a calendar such as this and being that I had plenty of time at  night I started a calendar myself.  I have enjoyed meeting   many fun  people and excellent musicians. I have made many good friendships with people I will never lose touch with hopefully. I have learned a lot  about music and musicians and about that many of them live to play and need  a  social and professional network in order to thrive.  I have tried to be reliable and consistent with the calendar in order to be useful and helpful and I have tried to be objective and inclusive of all performers in the over 40 age groups and genres. There are a lot of talented people around here and it has been a privelage and a pleasure to  be a small  part of their world.

  It saddens me to be leaving  but after 19  years  as a single parent on Long Island I am spent, financially.  My daughter has graduated college and at least for now is settling herself down south. After living  in California prior to1997 I am heading to Las Vegas where I have friends and will be a short drive to LA where  I also have friends and more family.

   I expect to be at  least somewhat involved in the music scene in Las  Vegas so if any of you  musicians wish  to try a gig or two out there let me know  on facebook. I  would love to show off some of our talent.

   I would also love it if  someone had the desire to take over the reigns as a calendar provider. I  would be happy to share my resources and web  building information. I use an easily navigable site building package on godaddy. If one has more savvy and time than I do they could also make some money with the traffic that can be realized. I will be happy to discuss that with anyone.

Thank you very much for the support both personal and  financial.

I  can be reached until at least  through August at bill@billfoolery.com and on facebook after that.(Bill Muscara).

All the best to all of  you!